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A Montessori Reading List for Parents

The best books for Montessori parents.
When it comes to understanding and applying Montessori for the first time it can be hard to know where to start. I read lots of books which all contained very similar advice, I didn’t have time to read the same thing over and over so found it frustrating, not to mention expensive, to keep buying the same book in different binding.

These are three books that I found indispensable. They each take a different approach to parenting and there’s very little overlap between them.

The best Montessori Parenting books

Understanding the Human Being; The Importance of the First Three Years. They should sell this book with pregnancy tests! It’s well written (easy to read even with Baby Brain) and a fantastic foundation for understanding your baby. I think it’s essential for all parents, Montessori or not. Buy it here.

The best Montessori parenting books

Montessori From the Start. This book is a very practical guide to sensible Montessori at home. It’s perfect for those looking for a minimalist or DIY approach. I go back to it again and again. Buy it here.

The best Montessori books for parents

How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way. This one picks up where Montessori From The Start leaves off and contains lots of hands on, straightforward techniques and activities for use in a Montessori home environment. Buy it here.

There’s lots of brilliant books out there but these are my top recommendations to get started with. As a first time parent they were brilliant for introducing and applying the Montessori Method at home.

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