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An Open Letter of Thanks; It Takes A Village

Alfie is very lucky to have been born into an extended family who  ladies him as much as his parents do. 

In honour of Grandparents Day, I’ve written an open letter of thanks to Alfie’s grandparents and my village; a village which surrounds my family and I with love, support and encouragement.

Thank You

Thank you for taking for Alfie when he was sick. Thank you for taking Alfie when I was tired. And thank you for taking Alfie when we sick and tired of each other. 

Thank you for accepting that I know it all but being gracious enough to give advice when I finally asked for it.

Thank you for not laughing when I thought a bee sting could be fatal.

Thank you for attempting to embrace my hipster-cool weaning even though you have no idea what to do with quinoa and would much rather he just ate spuds. 

Thank you for reading The Contented Little Baby even though you have raise five every Contented little babies. 

Thank you for being the kind of mother who inspires me to be a better person and a parent every time we meet…even if you hasn’t managed to stop swearing…yet.

Thank you for pursuing Montessori despite grave misgiving at the start. 

Our Aunts 

Thank you for being the Best Aunts ever! I have a team of the jolliest aunts who will frequently sing my praises in public and occasionally deliver a swift kick up the backside in private should the need arise. Aunts who have cheered me through every phase of my life. Alfie is blessed with not one but two generation of these aunts, strong women who dote over him while denying his demands for more biscuits – women who are helping to shape his view of feminism and sisterhood.

Mummy’s Sanity Team

I have best friends with whom I have laughed through every high, cried through every low, celebrated every success and mourned every loss. A group of women who allow me to be my silliest or most serious self without a shred of judgement. I cannot imagine being a parent without the respite they provide! They know just how much chat about Alfie is enough and when to balance it with talk of Escaping Amish and Pippa O’Connor. 

Like every village mine has cracks and flaws, shady bits, sunny spots, soap-box preachers, but its mine and it’s perfect for me. My village of friends and relatives are my family; one unit that is dedicated to building a better world for ourselves, each other and our children.

Life outside the village would be very lonely indeed!

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