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Montessori Inspired Seed Exploration Tray

If you’ve been with us for a while you’ll know that growing vegetables is a big part of our summer rhythm. You’ll have heard all about veg patch and probably know more than you want to know about our hens.

Gardening is such a long process, especially for a toddler. Alfie’s not quite 3 so a growing season one eight of his life – the equivalent of 4 years for me as a 30 year old! Planting seeds is over and done with in an afternoon or two and I wanted to draw out the process to help him recognise seeds and make the connection between seed and plant.

I put together this tray to allow for longer periods of exploration and some repetition. On the tray are four jars of seeds and a picture representation of each vegetable. I’ve paired it with the book My First Discoveries – Vegetables.

How We’ve Been Using Our Vegetable Seeds Tray

The tray itself was used for between 10 and 15 minutes a day this week while the book has been browsed several times and brought to me for discussion frequently.

  • The jars keep the seeds safe and accessible and allow for some sensory play as they all sound and feel unique. It also means that India (10 months) can have a look at them too though I try where possible to keep her focussed on her own work, an impossible task!
  • There is also a small dish on a higher shelf which allows Alfie the fine motor work of unscrewing jars, pouring and pinching the seeds and more sensory exploration as he hears them in a new way, feels them and sniffs them (yes seeds have scents!)
  • The book has been really invaluable, the illustrations are so accurate and entailed they’re almost photographic! Alfie loves the transparent pages which were a great surprise for him.
  • The Dilemma of Shelf Work
  • Honestly, I was hesitate to provide work like this. It felt slightly inauthentic and a bit adult-led but Alfie loved it. It perfectly aligned with his interests and allowed him to stretch his knowledge without much intervention for me.
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