Montessori Inspired Baby Shower Gifts - 20 best baby shower presents
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Montessori Baby Shower Gifts

I’m at that age when there’s been a bit of a baby boom among my friends and relatives! This means I have the pleasure of LOTS of gifts to buy for newborns! Where possible I try to choose Baby Shower Gifts that support Montessori.

Let’s face it though, as a Montessori novice being confronted by the Munari mobile would be a little daunting! Not only does it look boring from a mainstream perspective but if you don’t know how and when to use it then it becomes pointless!

Instead of intimidating new parents with strange items they don’t know how to use, here’s my pick of the very best Montessori inspired baby gifts which will hopefully leave the baby in awe and Mom and Dad curious about these concentration creating wonder items and the Montessori method that goes with them!

Montessori Inspired Baby Shower Gifts - 20 best baby shower presents

High Contrast Items

These gorgeous items will encourage baby to concentrate in a developmentally appropriate way. Mom and Dad will be amazed! 

Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby – lovely artistic images (pictured above at the top right)

Manhattan Toy Pat and Play Mat – wether hung up or folded over this was a huge success with both our kids.

Baby’s Very First Book – this series of cloth books are always a hit!

Handmade Items

If your handy you can make these items yourself, if you’re not then thank your lucky stars for Etsy!

A topponcino – essentially just a snuggly baby buffer to keep the newborn cosy and secure between transitions.

A Montessori Ball – hands down the BEST toy Alfie had in his first 12 months.

Crocheted Clutch Rattles – a lovely sensory experience for baby

Books for Baby

Lots of parents prefer to offer their child fantasy and cartoons while they’re very young. Here’s my choice of books that are both mainstream and Montessori friendly.

It’s a Little Baby – a charming book that rhymes well, we read this daily for months

Peepo  – this book is great fun

Everywhere Babies – another lovely rhyming story

Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes – no children’s library is complete without this book!

Books for Parents

While nothing beats the wisdom of Maria Montessori herself The Absorbent Mind is something of an acquired taste. 

The Danish Way of Parenting – an easy and enjoyable read that gives great Montessori appropriate advice without preaching, I’ve given it to several new parents who have all loved it.

Letters to My Baby – great writing prompts for helping a new parent process their feelings and reflect on the individuality of their baby. This is a lovely keepsake.

The Conscious Parent – a fantastic book that challenges parents to find their own path in parenting.

Montessori Toys 

Skwish – strangely hypnotic, even for adults!

Baby Gym – Mum and Dad will be grateful for this gym when baby is a few weeks old!

Interlocking Disks – a Montessori staple!

Teethers – my favourite teether is the Jono Whale (pictured above), the texture contrasts are interesting and its perfectly sized.

And if you feel like a splurge…

The Beginning Montessori Set – This set ships from Canada but is such good value that it still works out cheaper than buying one more locally. The quality is fantastic too! Its an ‘everything’ you need set. Each item is also accompanied with a card explaining what the toy does as well as how and when to use it.

Grimms Rainbow – not technically suitable for a baby but a beautiful and standout gift!

Montessori Inspired Baby Shower Gifts

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