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Montessori Toddler Bedroom

A Montessori home environment is in a state of constant evolution. I’ve attempted to do a Montessori home series a few times before but the environment was never ‘finished’.

Well, it’s still not finished (hello holes in the plaster!!) but I’ve decided to go ahead and show our current set ups.

Montessori toddler bed, Montessori Wardrobe, Montessori bedroom

Alfie is 32 Months now and this is his bedroom. The environment allows for complete independence BUT his levels of independence vary from day to day.

Montessori Toddler Wardrobe

We have a child sized wardrobe from The Great Little Trading Company. For us this is the ideal Montessori solution as it’s simple and function, it has a surprising amount of storage all immediately visible and accessible once the doors are open,

Montessori toddler wardrobe, accessible wardrobe for kids

To help him choose his clothes we’ve organised his wardrobe into tops, bottoms, underwear, this way he knows to choose one piece from each section and no time is wasted in the mornings.

We have a capsule wardrobe for both of the kids, Alfie has 4 casual pants, 3 long and 3 short sleeved tops, 2 jumpers, 1 jacket and a dressy outfit or two. (You can read more about how to create a capsule here; How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe for a Toddler).

Bedroom Toy Shelves

We keep bedroom toys quite minimal. The toys he has are chosen to provide long periods of independent play, the idea being that he could enjoy lots of undisturbed, private play but somehow that hasn’t worked out! Indi just loves being near him during the day and the whole family congregates in his room for post-bath wind down.

Montessori bedroom toys

On his shelves he has (l-r) his night light, a sheepdog whistle, a book and a bird whistle, chalks, a vision glass, torch projector, Grimms rainbow, train set. The items on the floor to the right are for India.

This pony farm and cow shed are easily the most used toys in our house! The silver box contains all the tiny bits India shouldn’t eat and the table is supposed to keep it all up out of reach but is fairly pointless now that she can stand!

Montessori Toddler Bed?

I was reluctant to share an image of his bed since the Montessori Toddler bed is SUCH a huge cornerstone of the prepared environment. Quite obviously we don’t have one!

This double bed was put in when he was about 18 months, it’s accessible to him via the small chair at the side. He’s never fallen out and either his dad or I can join him during the night if he’s having trouble sleeping. Win, win! I’d actually recommend a big bed to anyone with a toddler. It is so cosy to pile in and read stories together before bed and on a Sunday morning and if he’s sick like he was this winter we can comfort him without breaking our backs. It’s definitely one of our best decisions!

Montessori toddler bedroom, Montessori wardrobe, Montessori bed

The Future

Any environment that the child uses should be beautiful but not cluttered. Alfie’s room isn’t exactly beautiful just yet but we’ve done our best. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him bedside lockers, wall lights and some artwork soon.

We’d like him to have some say in these things we’re happy to wait till he’s a little older.

Montessori toddler bedroom

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  • Alix T.

    Lovely! I am working on piecing together my toddler’s room, but am having so much anxiety about where to start – I am not a natural designer! This is great inspiration to do something simple and lovely, without being perfect.

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