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Recommended Reads – Our Bookshelves in Autumn

Well hi there Autumn! Where did you come from?

Here’s a little look at some of the books we’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks. Recently a follower messaged me to ask if I could recommend books with less writing as her toddler didn’t listen for long enough to finish the story. We read lots of long books, usually I abridge them until Alfie is familiar with the story and illustrations and we eventually build up to the whole story.


Friends by Kim Lewis - Farm book for kids

This is a treasure of a book! Alfie is obsessed with farming, in fact obsessed might be an understatement so the setting of this story is perfect.

Friends by Kim Lewis - children’s farm book

This beautifully illustrated story explores the familiar scenario of two young friends falling out and reconciling. Alfie requests it several times a day.

A Year In Nature

A Year In Nature A Carousel Book of The Seasons

I harbour a natural scepticism for books that cross the line from literature into toy but this book has found a permanent place on our bookshelves.

A Year In Nature - A Carousel Book of the Seasons

The same scene is represented in each season, the realistic illustrations and the peekaboo pop ups provide the perfect invitation to play. Alfie and I have had some great conversations about changing seasons and what the animals would be doing in each. Alfie plays with this book several times a day and loves filling the pages with his Schleich woodland animals.

After The Storm

After The Storm by Nick Butterworth - Autumn Books for Children

Initially Alfie hated this book which I found very upsetting as this was one of my favourite childhood books. Once I gave up on it he decided he liked it after all.

After The Storm by Nick Butterworth - Autumn Books for Children

While it is beautiful and fun it’s not Montessori appropriate, depending on where you stand on the fantasy debate you may want to give it a miss.

The Night Gardener

The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers

I borrowed this from the library more for myself than Alfie but he surprised me (as he so often does) by loving this tale!

The Night GardenerThe illustrations are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen and the story is enchanting. This books feels magical and slightly nostalgic. We both love it.

Time Now To Dream

Time Now To Dream Sam and Alice hear a strange noise in the woods and go to investigate. Helen Oxenbury has once again created the whimsical, pastoral world we’ve come to expect from her.

Time Now To Dream

We can’t get through bedtime without Alfie hollering “Sam and Alice!” so I guess that means he likes it?

Hello Horse

Hello Horse by Vivian French

This is a beautiful book, full of stunning realistic illustrations that tell the story of a little boy overcoming his fear to ride a horse for the first time.

Hello Horse by Vivian French

When this first arrived Alfie and I were both instantly enchanted. He remains enchanted and demands Hello Horse several times a day. For me the novelty wore off on the 10,000th read but I’d still recommend it!

A Year Around the Great Oak

A Year Around The Great Oak children’s book by Gerda Muller

I’m not keen on most seasonal fiction, in most books the plot seems to be an after thought to falling leaves and apple picking but not where Gerda Muller is concerned

Autumn Books for Children. A Year Around The Great Oak by Gerda Muller

There’s a full stand a lone story in this lovely book which is supported by the illustrations and seasonal changes. We both love reading it.

A Walk In Paris

A Walk In Paris

Freddie and I spent a few days in Paris earlier this month. This story is gorgeous and very authentic in its depiction of Parisian life.

Travel Books for kids - A Walk In Paris

I’m not sure how much Alfie got out of it besides a few novelty French words! He rarely requests this one.

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