Review: Shnuggle Baby Bath

Before having Alfie I read lots of those “Ten Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need’ articles. Many of them mentioned a baby bath as an unnecessary expense. Heeding the advice of all these Mommy Bloggers I opted not to buy a baby bath….and regretted it for the first few months of Alfie’s life! If only I’d heard of the Shnuggle Baby Bath!

Here’s a parenting pro tip; wet babies are slippery and very hard to hold.

I will now happily declare that a baby bath is actually an essential purchase for any new parent! However not all baby bath’s are created equal and the one I got for him was little more than a glorified bucket. Unsurprisingly, bath time was a bit of an ordeal for us both, terrifying for me and uncomfortable for him.

Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

For our second baby Indi I wanted something better. It needed to be wide enough for me to get my arms into but still able to support a tiny baby. I also wanted one that was deep enough to be able to give baby a good wash!

The Shnuggle Baby Bath

The Shnuggle Baby Bath ticked all of these boxes and it looked great too. The raised back and curved edges reminded me of a fancy free standing bath you might see in a hotel – just perfect for my little diva!

Indi loved her first bath! Unlike other baths the foam backrest on the Shnuggle was soft and warm so she was completely comfortable. It also gave her a bit of grip so she didn’t seem to slide down into the water as easily as she might have in another bath.

The best bit though is the Bum Bump. This simple ridge keeps baby propped up in a sitting position. Indi is still too young for me to be completely hands free so I kept one hand on her chest. However the bath is such a good design that in another few weeks when her neck is strong enough she won’t need that!

Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

It was easy to empty thanks to its shape and the edges made it very easy to carry. The rubber feet keep it steady even on very shiny tiles which is an added bonus and I’d be very happy to place it on a counter top.

I felt so much more confident bathing Indi than I did Alfie. It made the whole process way more fun and relaxed. I think we both really enjoyed bath time, something I’d never have said about Alfie. I really wish I’d bought this way back when he was a newborn!

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