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A Season At Home: Spring

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf principles A Season At Home is gentle, child-centred guide to living well in Autumn. This guide, like the others in the series, is about crafting a family rhythm and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This collection of nature walks, recipes, crafts and songs will teach you how to fill each season with distinctive tastes, smells, sounds and celebrations that your family will return to year after year. 

A Season At Home will guide parents as they seek to create authentic opportunities for their children to question the world around them. It is perfect for parents who want to slow down and savour each season with their child. 

What’s Inside?

A Getting-Started guide for crafting your own family rhythm

6 Guided Nature Walks plus extended learning activities to help you and your child experience the season in a hands-on way

6 Child-friendly recipes using seasonal ingredients including some foraged ingredients and a remedy for a seasonal ailment

6 Crafts using natural materials that will enrich a child’s understanding of spring and be useful for the whole family

3 Monthly festivals to help your family celebrate the natural world

A selection of poems, verses, finger-plays and rhymes

It’s perfect for parents who are interested in enriching their child’s education by expanding their learning out of the academic field. 

It can be used by the whole family! I’ve been making these dishes, singing these songs and reading these books since my son was in a sling across my tummy! Since the aim is to experience, engage, enjoy and explore rather than learn facts it’s entirely up to the parent how you wish to present it.

The Guide is priced at £7.99

A Season At Home: Spring

A Season at Home: Spring is a gentle, child-centred guide to living well in Spring. It is inspired by the principles of Montessori and Waldorf methods and will allow you…