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Snowdrop Walks at The Argory 

This weekend The Argory (along with most of the National Trust) have launched their Snowdrop Festival, we went along for a walk.

Snowdrop Walk at the Argory

Snowdrops at The Argory

The Argory is one of my favourite places. It’s beautiful even on the busy days when it’s full of day trippers and tricycles, but on its calm days when squirrels skip among the snowdrops, kingfishers glimmer as they dart just out of sight and a mournful mist rolls up from the Blackwater it is truly magical.

The Argory wears its grandeur with grace and modesty and unlikely some other stately homes which feel austere the Argory is always welcoming and full of life. The courtyard with his garden shop, book stall and cafe bustles with activity yet still feels like a traditional stable block thanks to the remaining original features, like drinking troughs and wooden stalls in the coffee shop which is snuggled next to the (thankfully empty) pig sty.

To get the most from your walk I highly recommend picking up a map! The Argory is full of rambling of paths, rights of way and boardwalks, it’s easy to miss the most beautiful and secluded spots if you don’t keep your eyes peeled for stiles or small trails.

The majority of visitors stick to the lawns and gardens around the house or the banks of the river but my favourite parts are the boardwalks through the woods. If you plan on walking them then bring waterproof shoes and check with the guides if any of the routes are underwater.


Snowdrops appear at the start of February. In Ireland February first is St Brigid’s day which is also the start of Spring.

Is it any wonder that they have come to represent hope and consolation? I’ve been feeling in need of both recently so it was great to get out into the fresh air and soak it all up. The sight of these tiny white flags – Winter surrendering to Spring, certainly felt rejuvenating!

This has been the first year of my life that I haven’t hated Winter and wished for it to pass. It didn’t occur to me until recently that I have spent over a quarter of every year wishing the present wasn’t happening! This didn’t bother me until having Alfie made me wish for every second to last an eternity! I’ve made it my mission to try and embrace each season, so far so good!


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