• Maria Montessori Quote - the best Montessori Quotes about infancy. A short summary of essential quotes for parent's starting their Montessori journey
    Montessori - A Parent's Guide

    The Best Montessori Quotes

    Maria Montessori was a visionary woman, her approach to education was (and in many parts of the world still is) revolutionary. She said many wise and wonderful things. If there were a set of essential Montessori quotes to live by then this is them. These quotes have helped me so much, they’ve  informed how I prepared our home environment and how I’ve adapted my mindset to accomodate our Montessori lifestyle. These quotes relate specifically to Montessori’s work with child under three. They are a useful starting point for anyone asking “What is Montessori?” and a handy point of reference for days when you ask “Why do I bother?!” “The studies…